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Phonic Powerpod 885 Plus Powered Mixer

Manufacturer: PHONIC
Model Number: POWERPOD 885 PLUS
Price: $569.99

The POWERPOD 885 PLUS has 8 balanced mic inputs and 10 line inputs. 2 Super Hi-Z inputs allow for the addition of guitars and other instruments. The 885 PLUS features two onboard 32-bit digital effects processors, each with 100 preset programs and foot switch jacks. The built-in effects processor also includes tap delay and a test tone generator. The 3-band EQ on every channel and dual 7-band graphic EQ with feedback detection give you maximum control over your mix. In keeping with Phonic's commitment to incorporate wireless technology into many of its products, an optional wireless microphone module can be added to the mixer. The vocal eliminator is great for taking the vocals off of song tracks for use in karaoke.

Dual 45 degree angular molded cabinet 400W + 400W / 4 Ohms stereo power amplifier for Main L/R or Main/Monitor (Bridge mono, 800W / 8 Ohms) Dual DFX, our 32-bit digital multi-effect processor with 100 preset programs plus tap delay and test tones Wireless Mic module slot 8 balanced Mic inputs 10 Line inputs Two super Hi-Z inputs optimized for direct instrument inputs 3-band channel EQ (two channels with sweepable mid-range) Dual 7-band graphic equalizers with feedback detection system Pad control on channels 1-6 Monitor and effect sends on each input channel Stereo AUX input +48V phantom power Vocal eliminator for karaoke application sPs for smoother high frequencies and enhanced low-end output on speakers Two built-in limiters Rec out with trim control for record level matching Two Speakon-type connectors and five 1/4" phone jacks for speaker connecti

Shipping Cost: $22.00


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