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BBE 362SW Sonic Maximizers

Manufacturer: BBE
Model Number: BBE362SW
Price: $149.99

The 362SW combines our full-featured BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER™ signal processor and an independent subwoofer control with a variable low-pass filter and output level control. Applications Music playback systems in studios, nightclubs and theaters Mobile DJ sound systems with added sub woofer Live band sound reinforcement Bass guitar and keyboard rigs Any sound system with a sub woofer Features "Sub Woofer Control" with a variable low-pass filter (30-120Hz) BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER™ signal processor for increased clarity and definition Unbalanced 1/4" and RCA inputs and outputs LED meter displays and CLIP indicators

Specifications Frequency Response, Bypass: 5Hz to 30kHz Process: Program controlled Signal to Noise Ratio: 108dB process in/120dB process out Total Harmonic Distortion in Process Mode: less than 0.1% at-1KHz Input Impedance: 47K Ohms Nominal Input Level: -10dBu Minimum Load Impedance for Full Output Level: 1K Ohms Nominal Output Level: -10dBu Maximum Output Level: +16dBu

Shipping Cost: $14.99


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