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Electro-Voice SB2A High Performance Powered 12-inch Subwoofer

Manufacturer: EV
Model Number: SB2A
Price: $950.00

The Electro Voice SB2A powered subwoofer meets the demands for lightweight high performance portable sound systems. The SB2A features a 12 inch speaker with dual 350 watt amplifiers which eliminates the need for external amplification. The SB2A’s switch-able powered speaker output can drive either an external 8 ohm passive subwoofer or full range loudspeaker. This makes SB2A a supremely versatile and compact sub system drive solution, easily configured with a variety of loudspeakers for a multitude of sound reinforcement applications. Typical SB2A-powered system setups include: with a ZX1-90, as a standalone PA that fits in the front seat of your car; in clusters with SX100/300; with a passive SB122, for portable lightweight sub extension to replace bulky 15-inch two-way systems (two 16kg packages vs. one 40kg package); with an additional powered top box (such as the SXA100+). The SB2A shares the same durable injection-molded enclosure as EV’s popular passive SB122 subwoofer. Both utilize the EVS12S woofer, designed from the ground up for optimized performance within this small footprint enclosure.

2 x 350W into 8 ohms Switch-able powered output: top 60Hz hi-pass / sub 200Hz lo-pass Neutrik XLR / 1/4 inch combo input Parallel XLR output for additional powered speakers Weight: 35 lbs (16 kg) Dimensions: 23.1 x 16.9 x 12.3 inches (586mm x 429mm x 312mm)

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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