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NAXA NX542 13" AC/DC TV with DVD Player - Digital

Manufacturer: Naxa
Model Number: NX542
Price: $199.99

13" AC/DC Digital Color Television with DVD Player & ATSC/NTSC Digital Tuner

13" (35cm) Color Picture Tube and Built-In Full Function DVD Player Built-In ATSC/NTSC Digital TV Tuner and 181 Channel Cable-Ready Tuner Full Remote Control Functions Receive All UHF & VHF Channels Frequency Synthesized Tuner and Digital Audio Out (Coaxial) On-Screen Display and Sleep Timer TV External Telescopic Antenna A/V Input Jack and A/V Output Jack Multi-Language Subtitles and Audio Soundtracks Power Source: AC-120V 60Hz DC 12V

Shipping Cost: $29.00


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