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Casio AP420 Digital Piano 88 Weighted Hammer Action Keys Brown

Manufacturer: Casio
Model Number: AP420
Price: $999.95

Traditional styling with 4-layer stereo grand piano sound, 88 ivory-touch tri-sensor keys, and more. The Casio Celviano line of pianos has been refined for those who demand an authentic grand piano experience. The Casio AP-420's traditional design houses stereo grand piano sounds and an enhanced "ivory touch" keyboard. Every nuance and detail of your piano performance is captured using a tri-sensor, spring-less, 88-note, scaled hammer action. Plus, the Casio digital piano's 4-layer stereo grand piano sound delivers a natural, expressive, and dynamic piano experience. The Casio AP-420 features a total of 16 built-in tones with the ability to layer two sounds or split the keyboard to allow a bass sound in the left hand. Its built-in SD card slot allows you to load and save song files and the dual 20W speaker system delivers a sound that will resonate through your home. With 128 notes of polyphony, USB MIDI, duet mode, 1/4" audio outputs, and many more features, the Casio Celviano's advanced technology and sound makes the AP-420 digital piano the perfect addition to any home. Experience the elegant design and rich resonance of the Casio Celviano digital piano.

Casio AP-420 Celviano Digital Piano with Matching Bench Specifications: Keyboard: 88 keys, weighted scaled hammer action, tri-sensor keys, ivory touch Touch response: 3 sensitivity levels/off Sound source: 4 level stereo samples, linear morphing system Acoustic resonance: yes Polyphony (max): 128 Tones: 16 Reverb: 4 types Chorus: 4 types Brilliance: yes Layer/Split: yes Registration memory: yes Duet mode: yes Preset songs: 60 Metronome: Beats: 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6; Tempo range: 20 to 255 Transpose: 25 Steps -12 / +12 semi tones Tuning control: A4=440Hz +/- 99 cents (variable) Temperament: equal temperament + 16 scales Recorder: 2 tracks / 1 song USB storage (to PC): yes SD memory card storage: yes Speakers: 2 x 4.7" + 2 x 1" Amplifier: 20W + 20W Terminals: Line out: 2 USB: yes Pedals: damper, soft, sostenuto Headphones: 2 Included accessories: AC adaptor: AD-12 Pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto): yes Bench: yes (height-adjustable) Music stand: yes Scorebook: yes Dimensions and weight: Size (with stand): 32.9" H x 54.9" W x 16.8" D Weight (with stand): 82.2 lb. SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED!!!

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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