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Nady DKW 1LT/HM3 - wireless microphone system

Manufacturer: NADY
Model Number: DKW1LT
Price: $79.99

NADY DKW-1 Series Wireless Systems: The Perfect Entry Level Wireless Mic System Most wireless mics are available in a range of frequencies. If you are planning on using multiple receivers in your system, call us today to help you choose frequency ranges that won't interfere with each other. The Nady DKW Series is the perfect entry level professional wireless system. Delivering clear, transparent, high-fidelity audio, these systems can be used for a broad range of singing and speaking applications. Although offered at a breakthrough low price for a professional wireless system, the DKW Series systems are loaded with features.

NADY DKW-1 Series Wireless Systems Features: Includes a compact wireless receiver and a headset mic with body-pack transmitter •High-band VHF (Very High Frequency 170-216 MHz) operation for interference-free performance •Advanced companding circuitry for a wide dynamic range (no overloading for loud inputs or background hiss during quiet use) •Full frequency response from 40 -20,000 Hz •250 FT typical operating range--up to 500 FT line-of-sight operation

Shipping Cost: $9.99


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