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Behringer - True Analog Modeling 30-Watt Guitar Amp w/Speaker Simulations & Direct Out

Manufacturer: Behringer
Model Number: GM110
Price: $90.00

* 30-Watt analog modeling guitar amp * Original heavy-duty 10" BUGERATM Speaker * Three amp models, three speaker simulations plus three gain models * Revolutionary patented DYNAMIZER circuitry captures every nuance of your playing * Powerful 3-band EQ & master level control * Balanced XLR DI out delivers full preamplified sound w/speaker simulation * Serial effects loop allows integration of outboard gear * Additional 8-Ohm speaker out w/automatic internal speaker mute W/D/H: 381 x 369 x 242 mm, 12.5 kg


Shipping Cost: $16.00


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