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Pioneer - Effector w/24-bit/96kHz Digital Sampling System & Many Sound Effects

Manufacturer: Pioneer
Model Number: EFX1000
Price: $899.00

EFX-1000 is First Effector to Offer 24-bit/96kHz Digital Sampling System The new EFX-1000 effector offers discerning DJs the best audio quality possible w/a 24-bit/96kHz digital-sampling system & 32-bit digital sound processing. The bypass function of the EFX-1000 enables the user to process the effects w/their original high sound quality. Any serious club or studio DJ will immediately hear the impact of the increased processing power, which results in better audio quality in their mix. Pioneer’s EFX-1000 builds on the unique features in previous effectors by including a wide range of sound effects in an easy-to-manipulate system.

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