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Numark - Tabletop DJ DVD/CD/MP3 Player with Tilt Screen

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: VJ01
Price: Contact Seller For Price - Too Low To Print

VJ01 Tabletop DVD/CD/MP3 Player with Tilt Screen Designed for DJs wanting to incorporate visuals into their entertainment mix, Numark’s VJ01 is a compact, tabletop media player that supports a wealth of video and audio formats. Featuring a 5.6-inch LCD TFT tilt screen display, pitch control capability plus a slider control for both DVDs and CDs, soft touch rubber transport controls, support for all standard DVD features, non-seamless looping for repeating video clips, PAL and NTSC compatibility, and an arsenal of effects such as cue, loop, zoom, angle, and slow motion, Numark’s VJ01 is a comprehensive media player with a go anywhere attitude. * Pitch plus and minus control plus a slider for both DVDs and CDs


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