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Electro Voice - Amplified 350 Watt Low Freq. + 150 Watt High Freq. Output Pro Spkr

Manufacturer: Electro Voice
Model Number: SXA360
Price: $950.00

* 350 W Low Frequency + 150W High Frequency Output * Lightweight (16,6 kg / 36 lbs) * Dynamic Filters provide Overload * Protection & Linear Response * High Sensitivity, 129 dB Maximum SPL * 2” Voice Coil DH2T Compression Driver * Compact Size * Two built-in power amplifiers, one for low frequencies & one for high frequencies. The amplifiers also contain electronic crossover circuitry & CD horn compensation optimized for the speaker components, * as well as a limiter circuit that prevents either amplifier from clipping while preserving sonic quality. * The low-frequency power amplifier delivers 350 watts continuous average power.


Shipping Cost: $40.00


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