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Denon - Rack-mountable Pro. Dual CD/MP3 Player w/Removable Drives

Manufacturer: Denon
Model Number: DND6000
Price: $700.00

* Dual CD/MP3 Player * Rack-mountable Pro. Dual CD/MP3 Player * MP3 Playback: fully supports, - MP3 Seamless Looping w/B Point Trim - MP3 Scratching - MP3 Hot Starts- MP3 Effects - C.B.R & V.B.R. encoding up to 320 kbps - 1D3 Tags, displays: (Title, Artist, Album) - MP3 File Search System (locate your files by name fast & easy) * Next Track Function w/Cross Fade Storing hundreds of your favorite mp3's on one disc is great. But what if you want play other files from the same disc back to back?


Shipping Cost: $25.00


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