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Numark DJ i/o interface for all dj software

Manufacturer: NUMARK
Model Number: DJ i/o
Price: $99.95

DJ AUDIO INTERFACE FOR ALL DJ SOFTWARE FOR THE ON–THE–GO SOFTWARE DJ AND PRODUCERS. The DJ i/o is compact and rugged enough to live in your gig bag, but powerful enough to provide solutions for a wide range of audio I/O needs. The DJ i/o gives software–based DJs, performers and producers a range of options for outputting their final audio, whether in the form of a live mix or a just–completed new track. DJs and producers pass audio from their software–based application of choice through a traditional mixer (for multi–channel mixing) and output to a pair of stereo RCA connections, via a forward–thinking USB 2.0 connection. The DJ i/o features ultra–low latency audio (via ASIO drivers), with 2 independent RCA stereo outputs, a mic input with adjustable gain on stereo pair #1 and a 1/4" stereo headphone output on stereo pair #2. The DJ i/o is USB bus powered and also operates with 6V DC external power supply (sold separately).

Download Product Overview USB 2.0 (single channel operation in USB 1.1) Ultra low latency 2 independent RCA stereo outputs Microphone input with adjustable gain mixed to stereo pair #1 1/4" Stereo headphone output on stereo pair #2 24–bit audio, 44.1kHz and 88.2kHz sample rates ASIO drivers with control panel USB bus–powered (optional +6 VDC external power supply sold separately)

Shipping Cost: $16.99


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