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E.M. Winston 350 Series Soprano Sax - Gold 350GL

Manufacturer: E.M. Winston
Model Number: 350GL
Price: $640.00

Adolf Sax designed the soprano saxophone to be straight so that the bell could be directed toward the audience when played. This works fine for players who stand, however many players prefer to sit therefore a curved neck makes it easier to perform while seated. We offer an instrument with interchangeable necks allowing the player the most versatility for their playing preference.

Optional Silver-plating or colored lacquer available upon request. Case and Mouthpiece Included Domed Resonator Pads are similar to the French “Selmer” style pads. Improved tone and projection are the main benefit. Pads are coated with a special moister coating to ensure a long life. Key of Bb. Straight and curved necks - metal domed resonator pads - Gold lacquer

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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