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E.M. Winston Baritone Sax - Gold WBS155GL

Manufacturer: E.M. Winston
Model Number: WBS155GL
Price: $3,200.00

Our baritone saxophone is one of the best quality and lowest priced baritone saxophones on the market today. These fine instruments are recommended by educators around the country and are shop adjusted to meet the needs of the most discriminating performers.

Fully Ribbed Construction, all of the posts that support the keys and rods are mounted to a rib that is soldered to the body. This feature adds strength to the key mechanism and prolongs the life of the instrument. Partial Ribbed Construction, in an attempt to make the instrument lighter in weight, we offer a partial ribbed construction only where the added strength is needed the most. Domed Resonator Pads are similar to the French “Selmer” style pads. Improved tone and projection are the main benefit. Pads are coated with a special moister coating to ensure a long life. Super Bell Design is a larger oversized bell design intended to recreate the tone quality of the old vintage “King Super 20” series instruments. The tone is broader than a standard bell and allows the player to achieve a bigger sound with less effort. Key of Eb. Low A key with 3 adjustment points Engraving on bell. Four point bell to body brace - gold lacquer body/keys

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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