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On-Stage Stands MS7255PG Pistol Grip Dome Base Mic Stand

Manufacturer: On Stage
Model Number: MS7255PG
Price: $29.00

The ergonomically designed Pistol Grip clutch fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for quick and easy one-handed height adjustments. The oversized threads means that is takes only seconds to assemble or disassemble this stand! Just turn the shaft clockwise to lock and simply step on the foot pedal and turn counter-clockwise to release.

5/8”-27 solid threaded upper shaft. Clip-on cable holder. Oversized threads means it takes seconds to assemble or disassemble this stand. Improved low profile design and 8 rubber feet means that this stand will not wobble or tip! So the microphone will never knock you in the face during a show. Height Adj.: 38”-61” Base Diameter: 10” Base Weight: 7 lbs. Color: Black Powder Coat Finish

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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