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Sennheiser ASP2/NT1

Manufacturer: Sennheiser
Model Number: ASP2NT1
Price: $500.00

Antenna Splitter for Sennheiser Wireless Systems The Sennheiser ASP 2 is a passive 2 x 1 : 4 antenna splitter. The ASP 2 allows a single pair of antennas to feed up to four EM 500 G2, EM 300 G2 or EM 100 G2 receivers. The ASP 2 incorporates DC distribution for distributing the DC supply voltage of the included NT 1 power supply unit to up to four receivers. By combining two ASP 2 units, an 8-channel system can be operated with only two antennas.

Supports Up to Four Receivers The ASP 2 antenna splitter distributes incoming RF signal to up to four connected EM series receivers.

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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