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Califone MB350 Tripod and Wall Mounting Bracket

Manufacturer: CALIFONE
Model Number: MB350
Price: $55.00

The Califone MB350 Tripod and Wall Mounting Bracket was designed specifically to be used with the PA300 PresentationPro Speaker. This rugged mounting bracket can be wall mounted or lock it onto the TP30 tripod for even more versatility. The MB350 is omnidirectional so you can adjust it to get exactly the right audio coverage for each and every use. And with the locking brass inserts and sunburst teeth you know that no matter how often you adjust it, it will always stay firmly attached.

Rugged Invisible Mount The MB350 is made of durable ABS plastic and heavy-duty 1018 carbon steel hardware to provide the strongest mounting solution possible, but it's also covered in a powder-coated black finish that blends into the speaker itself. • Versatility The MB350 is designed to be used with your Califone PresentationPro speaker but it's very versatile and will mount to a TP30 for tripod use or it can be used as a wall mount. • Stability Guarantee The locking brass inserts and sunburst teeth let you get the best positioning possible and then lock it firmly in place for continued performance.

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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