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Galaxy The Galactic Monitor Package

Manufacturer: GALAXY AUDIO
Model Number: GALACTIC
Price: $575.00

A super-portable compact monitoring system for small venues.

Package includes 2 Hot Spot VC personal monitors; one Core PA5X 146W one-piece sound system/powered monitor; 3 stand adapters; 2 - 25', 16-gauge speaker cables with 90° - 1/4" plugs and cable locks; one heavy-duty water-resistant nylon bag with removable inner dividers and shoulder strap. Hot Spot VCs feature 3dB-stepped attenuator volume control, 16-ohm cabs with 2 - 5" drivers, 200W continuous power rating. Core PA5X140 puts out 146W @ 4 ohms and 100W @ 8 ohms with .05% THD and features SmartALIC all-level input control and built-in compressor/limiter.

Shipping Cost: $10.00


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