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Manufacturer: ALESIS
Price: $95.00

Professional-sounding podcasting for your Mac or PC has never been simpler and more affordable than with Alesis' USB-Mic Podcasting Kit. Just plug the high-quality USB microphone into your computer (with no complicated drivers to install) and use the included Audacity software to record your voice, music, and any other external sounds you wish to include for your final product. The USB-Mic provides 16 bit / 44.1–48kHz audio straight to your computer, and the Kit includes high-quality headphones for monitoring your session. The Alesis USB-Mic Podcasting Kit also comes with 30 days of free podcast hosting on www.alesispodcast.com. This provides the novice, as well as professional, podcaster an easy-to-use solution for hosting and promoting podcasts. The Alesis Podcasting Center also makes it easy to upload and promote your podcasts. No tricky third party software to embed your XML files. Just register and upload your MP3's. As the file uploads to the server it will automatically aggregate the file out to the web (iTunes, Podcast Alley, web search engines, etc.) so everyone will know about your new show.

16 bit / 44.1-48Khz audio recording direct to your computer * USB microphone (including USB cable) Desktop microphone stand * Easy plug-and-play support in Windows and Mac OS X * High-quality headphones for monitoring your recordings * Bundled with Audacity software for recording and editing your sessions * Free hosting of your podcasts - 30 day subscription to alesispodcast.com * Hassle-free uploading of your podcasts with automatic rss file embedding * Automatic notification of your podcast episodes to iTunes, Podcast Alley and other podcast groups, as well as numerous web search engines

Shipping Cost: $12.00


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