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Yorkville YX150 Speaker - 400w, 15 inch / 1.4 inch

Manufacturer: Yorkville
Model Number: YX150
Price: $449.99

Designed for any PA application where higher power and maximum clarity is required, the passive 400-watt YX150 uses a single 15-inch woofer and 2-inch Neodymium compression driver mounted on a custom 90º x 40º ABS horn to deliver a full 50Hz to 20kHz frequency response with unmatched linearity. Yorkville's tried and true dual-bulb CTL™ protection system protects the horn driver’s aluminum diaphragm ensuring unmatched reliability in the field. The YX150 is built road-ready with easy-to-clean, durable black carpet covering, solid internal plywood bracing and reinforced internal component mounts. Designed with working musicians in mind, the YX150 offers rugged 5/8-inch plywood cabinet construction, all metal bar handles, metal input plate, integrated speaker mounts and a custom punched, perforated metal grille to protect the speaker components. A modified trapezoidal shape ensures the YX150 can function equally as well as a front-of-house or monitor speaker. Two Speakon™ and two 1/4-inch parallel inputs are provided ensuring maximum connectivity in virtually any PA application.

400 Watts 15-inch Woofer 2-inch Neodymium Compression Driver Designed as Front-of-House or Monitor Loudspeaker Innovative Dual-bulb CTL™ High Frequency Protection 90º x 40º Custom ABS Waveguide Horn Solid Plywood Cabinet Construction Speakon™ & 1/4-inch Inputs All-Metal Grille, Integrated Bar Handles & Stand Mount 122dB Max SPL. Note: Freight is not Included!!!

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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