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Numark VM03 MKII 3 LCD Video-Display Unit with 5.6" Displays

Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: VM03
Price: $749.99

Numark VM03 MKII has 3 screen/6 input LCD video display monitor. The Numark VM03 is a 3 screen/6 input LCD video display monitor designed for any video monitoring application. The advanced design of the VM03 allows the user to monitor his video source in either a rack mount or table top application. What separates the VM03 from other video monitors in the market is the adjustable design of the viewing angle. This unique & original design allows the video producer/engineer to properly position the viewing angle of the VM03 up to 96 degrees. The feature works while the VM03 is either being used on a table top or mounted in a Pro. rack (3U spaces required). This flexibility in viewing angle is ideal for DJ & broadcast applications, where limited space may prohibit easy viewing angles.


Shipping Cost: $24.99


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