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Denon - 4-Channel Mixer w/Internal digital effects & USB port, World's First

Manufacturer: Denon
Model Number: DNX1500SILVER
Price: $799.99

DENON's latest Di mixer with unparalleled sound quality for professional DJs has now arrived. To equal the incredible abilities of its renowned tabletop CD/MP3 players, DENON DJ announces the DN-X1500S DJ mixer, offering advanced features with unprecedented functionality and flexibility for clubs and mobile DJs. To achieve this exceptional performance, a floating 32-Bit SHARC® Digital Signal Processor empowers the fully digital circuit, ensuring low noise and exceptional audio fidelity. The Effector and Sampler are built in to further boost the Di's creative powers. The all new Flex Fader cross fader with torque tension adjustment was carefully crafted to withstand the rigorous performance of the toughest DJs. Shipping Not Included


Shipping Cost: $16.00


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