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Manufacturer: Numark
Model Number: cdmix3
Price: $399.95

Designed expressly for mobile DJs and club owners in search of a compact, highly portable system that sets up and packs away on a moment's notice, the CDMIX3 plays both standard CD audio and MP3 CDs, provides buffered Anti-Shock in. memory protection, delivers seamless looping, and pitch control with a pitch bend wheel among its wealth of features.

Support for standard audio CDs and MP3 CDs Buffered Anti-Shock in. memory protection for consistent playback under trying conditions Seamless loops for both CD audio and MP3 files True buffered instant start Stutter start capability with settable stutter points ? 12% pitch bend capability via its pitch bend/jog wheel Master EQ section and individual channel EQ Technical Info Power Source: DC 12V, 2.5A Dimensions: 445 x 258 x 156 (W x D x H) Audio Characteristics: (Load=47K OHM For Master Output) 1 Input Terminal (Input Level/Impedance) CD: -14dBV/5K OHM ?2db TCD-782 (Track 16) Line1: -14dBV/10K OHM 2db Line 2,3: -14dBV/47K OHM 2db Phono: -50dBV/47K OHM 2db Mic: -53dBV/2.2K OHM 2db Note: 0dBV=1 Vrms. Master is set to 0dBV output 2 Output Terainal (Output Level/Impedance) Master Out (RCA)- 0dBV (1.0V)/600 OHM Master Out (XLR)- 0dBV (1.0V)/470 OHM 2dBV Phones (Load=32 OHM)- -6dBV (0.5V)/33 OHM 2dBV Max Output (THD=5%) Master- More Than +17dBV (7V) Phones- (Load=32 OHM)- More Than +5dBV (1.8V) Channel Balance- Within 3dB Frequency Response CD/Line: 20-20KHz +1, -1.5dB TCD-782 (Track 3, 7) Phono: 20-20KHz +2, 2.5dB/RIAA Mic: 20-20KHz +1, /-3dB Output Noise (W/ 20KHz LPF and IEC-A Weighted) Line: Less Than -75dB Phono: Less Than -60dB Mic: Less Than -55dB CD S/N Ratio: More Than 80dB Note: CD 0dB Output, Master is set to 0dBV Output Total Harmonic Distortion: From Master Out CD/Line: Less Than 0.05% Phono/Mic: Less Than 0.13% Note: Output=0dBV,1KHz. With 20KHz LPF and 200Hz HPF.

Shipping Cost: $25.00


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