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Irradiant MECH 2 - MSD 250 Moving Head Spot 250

Manufacturer: Irradiant
Model Number: MECH 2
Price: $1,299.95

The MECH 2 was designed to be a simple and reliable 250W Discharge lamp based moving head. In many entertainment venues where night after night reliability is the key simple is often better. Price per performance the MECH 2 is the answer to the question... "Can’t I find a reliable, stylish, moving head with the basic features needed to produce a good show at a value price?" The MECH 2 is your answer !

Lighting source: 250W Discharge lamp Beam angle: Continuously variable zoom from 10 to 30 degrees Gobo wheel: 6 indexable, interchangeable, bi-directionally rotating gobos plus open Color wheel: 11 Dichroic colours plus white, with variable speed Rainbow effect Prism: 1 static 3 facet prism Pan: 570° Tilt: 270° Control Mode: DMX, sound active, auto, stand alone, M/S Linking DMX channels: 11 Voltage: AC 120/240V 50/60Hz Dimensions: L361 x W345 x H225mm Weight: 25 kg

Shipping Cost: $0.00


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