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Pedaltrain Pro Pedalboard - with Flight

Manufacturer: Pedaltrain
Model Number: PTPROHC
Price: $269.99

Pedalboard Pro is top of the line touring rig with a stronger center reinforced frame design, more space underneath to mount power supplies and power strips. The Pro pedalbaord is a professional tour grade and is used by many of today's top guitarists. Pedaltrain is the premier innovator in guitar effects pedalboards with their award winning and patented designs at prices everyone can afford. Construction These revolutionary pedalboards are made of welded aluminum alloy tubing to ensure that every Pedaltrain is as strong and lightweight as possible. There are no moving parts to loosen or wear out. A durable powder coat finish ensures your Pedaltrain will look great and last a lifetime.

Frame: 32x16x3 inches / weight 7 lbs. Soft case: 34x18x5.5 inches / weight 10 lbs.

Shipping Cost: $16.00


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