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Innovative Percussion IPPKSN1 Snare - Bell Combo Kit

Manufacturer: Innovative Percussion Inc.
Model Number: IPPKSN1
Price: $279.99

This new innovative percussion 32 note bell kit features a full 2.5 octave bell set (F-C) with plastic end pieces for increased durability. Also features a 4" x 13" snare drum with internal tone control and a heavy-duty cradle style double-braced stand with 2 tops for the snare drum and bells. A great kit at a great price!

* 8" tunable practice pad * Backpack style carrying case with rolling luggage style cart for easy transportation * Removable music rack * Innovation Percussion Fundamental Series F-9 model mallets * IP-LD Lalo Davila model concert snare drumsticks

Shipping Cost: $19.99


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