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Community DnD12 Two-way Loudspeaker System w/ 12-inch woofer

Manufacturer: Community
Model Number: DND12
Price: $175.00

DnD SERIES Full-range, carpeted, portable loudspeaker systems A multi-angle cabinet which can be employed as a stage monitor at either of two angles or in a traditional upright fashion, the DnD12 is a two-way, full-range device equipped with a 12-inch woofer at the low-end and a Focused Array™ high frequency section utilizing a dual-driver pattern control horn. Community's PowerSense Plus™ dual-stage protective circuitry safeguards DnD loudspeakers, providing an automatic fail-safe defense against driver damage resulting from overpowering. Each DnD enclosure is covered with durable black carpeting, and additionally features a perforated steel grille, stand socket, and three mounting points. The DnD12 is a compact and efficient two-way sound reinforcement loudspeaker system. The enclosure of the DnD12 is a multi-angle cabinet that can be employed as a stage monitor (at either of two angles) or upright as a front-of-house speaker system. The low frequency driver in the DnD12 is a high power, high efficiency 12" woofer. The high frequency Focused Array section is a unique dual driver pattern control horn. The two HF drivers are angled in the vertical plane to maintain a constant vertical coverage pattern at all frequencies.The pattern control design of the DnD high frequency horn also maintains a constant coverage pattern in the horizontal plane, thus preventing the beaming (extreme narrowing of coverage pattern) often found in systems of this type. The DnD systems are equipped with a very effective PowerSense Plus™ two-stage protection system. This protection system virtually eliminates driver damage due to over-powering. If excessive power is applied to a DnD system, the first stage of protection will be activated. Output level of the speaker system will be reduced by 3 dB, and a red LED indicator on the input panel will be illuminated. If the power applied to the system remains at this level, the system will continue to operate in the first stage protect mode. If the power is increased beyond this level, the system will activate the second stage of protection, which results in a large reduction in output level and completely protects the drivers from any power applied. The DnD12 enclosure is covered in rugged black carpet. The perforated steel grille is specially formed to provide both increased stiffness and an attractive appearance.The enclosure is equipped with a stand socket for use with a speaker stand, and is also equipped with three mounting points for fixed installation using Community's accessory mounting strap kit.

APPLICATIONS: Sound Reinforcement / Portable PA Clubs / DJ Sport Facilities & Health Clubs Keyboard Systems Rental Systems Monitor Systems FEATURES: High Sensitivity PowerSense Plus™ Two Stage Solid State Protection Circuitry with Rear Indicators Black Carpeted Exterior Light Weight Easy to Install Pole Mount Focused Array HF

Shipping Cost: $27.00


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