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About Gear by Owner

FPOExperience the difference… Find an Item, Contact the Seller and Agree on a Price!

Welcome! Gearbyowner.com is a simple online classified marketplace for everybody in the music, professional audio, lighting, and video industry to directly come together. Through our site you will be able to buy, sell or trade new, pre-owned, scratch and dent, factory close-outs, opened box, factory refurbished, discontinued or surplus professional entertainment merchandise.

We also host… industry Job Posting, Business Directory and Business Opportunity Classifieds. Yes, you can finally log on to one location sell, buy or trade gear; search for jobs, business opportunities (business’s for sale or franchises), and professional services (designers, schools, rental equipment, event production, bands, DJ’s for hire).

Feel free to buy, make an offer, or send your resume to a potential employer just as you would when responding to a classified ad in your newspaper. Finally one site you can advertise your pre-owned gear and use the cash to buy something new and find a gig at the same time. Get Your Value!

We hope that once you get to know gearbyowner.com, you’ll find it to be the most simple and efficient way to buy, sell and trade your equipment or find jobs and services online.

Gearbyowner.com is a proprietary free “member only” Ad classified site for the Music and Lighting Entertainment marketplace. Our sole purpose is to introduce serious buyers and sellers to Buy, Sell or Trade, New and Pre-Owned Guitars, Basses, DJ and Lighting, Drums, Keyboards, Band & Orchestral, Live Sound, Pro Lighting, Recording, Karaoke, Music, Video, and much more. We are a private site and request everyone to register for a member “ID” to start unlimited browsing, buying, selling or trading. Registration is quick and easy (No credit card required). Register Now, it’s free!

Unlike other sites, Gear by Owner runs your Classifieds for up to 30 days versus a 7 or 10 day auction. No hidden fees… One fixed price to advertise, No Waiting until auction is over to see who “won”. The selling process begins the moment a buyer makes an offer on your classified and you accept. Sellers and Buyers have the option to accept or decline any offer. Unlike other auction venues, sellers can offer gear at any price they desire and work together to make a deal. We will walk you (and your buyers) through to the completion of the sale. All sales are private!

Feel free to contact us at:

Gear by Owner, Inc.
13762 W SR 84, Suite 125, Davie, FL 33325
877-601-GEAR (Toll free)
954-476-0294 (Fax)

Our Story


As musicians and entertainers, we all have one common trait that bonds us together. We have a passion for gear and face the never ending challenges of investing our money to buy the latest and the greatest gear available in the marketplace. As new technology hits the marketplace, we tend to reinvest our money on the latest and push our old gear aside for a rainy day. Most of our old gear is still waiting on that rainy day in our basements, attics, garages, storage, or underneath our beds.

In the past, we had little to no options in trying to sell off our pre-owned gear to a dedicated audience of musicians and entertainers. You could place an ad in your local newspapers, but you couldn't reach a national audience and the category was very limited. Then there are your local pawn shops who basically offer you ten cents on the dollar, No Thanks. Recently we have the auction sites that have so many hidden fees, rules and regulations that it’s hardly worth the time and effort. Besides, as an entertainer, who has the time to sit in front of a computer for seven days straight and monitor the progress? Our site lets the buyer contact you directly and works around the clock at your schedule.

Gearbyowner.com brings you twenty (20) years of experience in the entertainment industry to help you achieve national exposure and fast results in selling your gear. Our sole purpose is to connect Musicians, DJ’s, VJ’s, Audio Contractors, Lighting Contractors and Designers, Installers, Consumers, Hobbyists, Gear Heads, Karaoke Entertainers, Entertainers, Recording Artist, Rock Stars, Event Production Companies, Bands, Music Students, Drummers, Guitarist, Bass Players, Sound Engineers, House of Worship, Club Venues, Restaurants/ Lounges, Rental Companies and the rest of the world who needs to buy or sell gear.

Thank you for becoming a member of Gearbyowner.com!

Feel free to contact us at:

Gear by Owner, Inc.
13762 W SR 84, Suite 125, Davie, FL 33325
1-877-601-Gear (Toll) - 954-476-0294 (Fax)
Email: service@gearbyowner.com

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